As the beginning of 2018 promises to be our most exciting time yet, we will continue with a year of celebrations and tie the knot in Tuscany.

There is plenty of pizza to be eaten and bottles of prosecco waiting to be popped – all we need are your lovely faces.

- Amy & Ashley

Amy & Ashley

Amy had just returned from her belated qualification leave, having spent months travelling around Japan and South East Asia her next big step was moving to her new firm.

Ashley’s summer of 2015 was packed with stag weekends, weddings and a holiday in Ibiza. Neither of us could imagine that we would meet and have our entire worlds’ change over the next two years.

It has been absolutely amazing. So pleased that Nadia met Ashley and introduced him to the girl that lives behind the pink door in Chelsea (Yes -Nadia is of course a bridesmaid!).

Wedding Party


Rachel Utley

Carly and Chelsey Shackleton

Manuela Krach

Nadia Donnelly

Esther Lindop


All will be revealed...

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Page Boy

Oliver Crowther Utley

Parents of the Bride

Alison Utley

Neil Utley

Parents of the Groom

Soo Soo

Thank you for calling!

Greg Shackleton


Friday, September 14

Pizza + Prosecco at Conti di san Bonifacio A welcome evening and chance for everyone to meet before the formalities of the BIG DAY. We’ve got Ross’s favourite pizza, plenty of Tuscan delights and a lot of bottles of processo to pop.
Attire: Dolce VIta Glamour. Shirts for Gentlemen (jackets and/or waistcoats are optional) Map: View on Map

Saturday, September 15

2:00pm (subject to change - keep an eye on the website!)
Ceremony at The front lawn, Conti di san Bonifacio IT IS GETTING REAL and we need you to help us make the commitment. After some lip-locking and a poem from the Shackleton sisters we think the deal will be sealed.
Attire: Gentlemen: Summer Suits. Ladies: Summer Chic. Map: View on Map
Let's party at Stay where you are! No need to pretend, this is what we all have been waiting for. Enjoy our signature party cocktails or glass of prosecco while wifey & hubby (wait, us?) snap some photos in the vineyard, then gather back round in the garden for a lantern-lit festa.
Attire: Dancing shoes required. Map: View on Map

Sunday, September 16

1:00pm (subject to change - keep an eye on the website!)
POOL PARTY AND BBQ at The Pool, Conti di San Bonifacio We’re all going to feel like we were hit by a tractor carrying 150 cases of CDSB’s finest Monteregio, but according to history we will live to see work on Monday (Oh wait, we won’t be back on Monday – Phew!). With that in mind, let’s just keep partying.
Attire: Festival Fun Attire Map: View on Map


We appreciate you coming from far and wide – your attendance is as good a gift as any. Who really needs a Vitamix, anyhow?

However, if you feel inclined to add a little shimmer to our otherwise dull china or better dress our guest bedroom, possibly in anticipation of your next long weekend in London, visit our list of “wants” at the Wedding Shop.

Conte di San Bonifacio

Our venue is set in the hills of Maremma, a costal region of Tuscany which is widely recognised for the most beautiful landscapes and delicious wines in Italy.

The Count San Bonifacio, whose ancestors ruled over Verona for many centuries, bought the estate for use as a summer residence for his family at a time when vines had been maturing for over a decade. The wine resort is now available for guests to enjoy the fabulous wines and a whole host of activities including cookery and Italian classes, olive oil and wine tasting, pic nics and a lot more besides. Below we have made further suggestions as to how to take full advantage of being in one of the most picturesque locations in the world.

To receive further information about activities during your stay please contact booking@disanbonifacio.com or +39 0566 80006

For accommodation, please contact our wedding planner. Please see the details on the “Accommodations” page.

WINE TASTING At Conti di San Bonifacio, the vineyard and award-winning, organic wines are at the heart of what they do. The grape vine is the King of crops in Tuscany. This is your chance to immerse yourself in the Tuscan way of life and have a true, authentic Winery experience.
BEACH & SEA For those who enjoy the sun and the sea, the Maremma represents a real nature paradise.
Each year, the coast of the Maremma is awarded the Blue Flag recognizing the quality and the cleanliness of the waters along its 160km of shoreline.

The stretches of sandy and rocky coastline allow all sea lovers to find the perfect place for them.

Leave it to us and we will send you to a deserted driftwwod beach or book a perfect “bagno” for you with sunbeds and a beachbar!

Ask the hotel concierge for details on Castiglione della Pescaia, Punta Ala and the Alberese.
MEDIEVAL HILLTOP VILLAGES There are many villages and castles in the area of great historical and artistic interest. Roccastrada, Sassofortino, Roccatederighi, Montemassi, Monterotondo Marittimo, Vetulonia, Montepescali, Scarlino, and many other villages in this area should not be missed.

Please ask the concierge for further details on these and other destinations to visit. Most of them are within half an hour from the wedding venue.
SCENIC FLIGHTS See Maremma from above and explore the territory from a bird’s eye view. The opportunity of a private flight is the perfect way to view the rolling hills and coastal beauty of Tuscany.
HOT AIR BALLOON The quietest way to disconnect from earth is floating above it. Let them take you on a breathtaking and relaxing experience over the hills of the wine region.
SAILING TO ELBA / THE ETRUSCAN COAST Hiring a boat is a wonderful way to relax and explore the sparkling waters of the Tyrrhenian sea and to discover the magnificent islands of the Tuscan Archipelago.

A pasta lunch is served on board, along with Tuscan wine. Alternatively, you may travel down the Etruscan Coast, stepping off for lunch at a lovely restaurant by the sea.

Romantic sunset sails can also be organized, which include a fresh seafood dinner.
DIVING Address City The Tuscan Coast offers explorers a fabulous area to dive.

From ship wrecks to wonderful corals, and all sorts of marine species, the crystal clear waters and the diversified sea life make this a very unique experience, open to all diving levels.
VESPA RENTAL What is more Italian than hitting the road on a red vespa?!
BIKING Do you want to get some exercise while taking in the beauty of the Tuscan countryside?

Why not rent a bike, with delivery to the Wine Resort. We can provide you with a list of suggested itinerarys that showcase the beautiful scenery of Tuscany. Prices includes delivery and a helmet.

Alternatively, you may take a private bike tour of Maremma with a local guide, who can organize tailor-made journeys around the area.
DRIVE A FERRARI Address City Feel the power of Italian manufacturers under your feet. Conte di San Bonifacio can put a wide selection of Super Cars at your disposal during your visit.
TREKKING & HIKING Immerse yourself in the countryside and explore old castles, natural torrents and old farms accompanied by an expert guide.
QUAD BIKES Combine adrenaline with adventure and make the most of a journey in the woods.


Conte di San Bonifacio is located a 1.5 hour drive from Pisa airport, and 2 hours from Florence airport. If you fancy soaking up the culture of Italy’s capital city, Rome is 2 hours and 20 minutes from our wedding venue.

Pisa is the most convenient airport to fly to and you can get there from Stansted, Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton and London City. You can also fly direct to Pisa from Manchester and Leeds-Bradford.

It is easy to pick up a car from Pisa airport and we got a very good deal with Gold Car but you may want to upgrade from a Panda!



The link below will take you to Sky Scanner, where you can compare flight times and the best prices available.

If you fancy having a day to chill out before the festivities, a number of family have booked the flights below:

Thursday 13th September
British Airways departs Gatwick – Pisa at 11:25

Monday 17th September
Easyjet Pisa – Gatwick departing at 18:10

Don’t worry if holiday is tight and you need to come out on Friday.

Find Flights


If you fancy taking in the European scenery there are a number of routes you can take. The most direct takes you via Reims (champagne tasting country), brushing past Geneva and down to Genoa, we would highly recommend stopping off in nearby Portofino it is well worth the trip, before arriving in Tuscany. The journey in total would take approximately 17 hours from London.

Alternatively you can choose to follow the coastal route by driving via Lyon down through Provence, and on to Monaco before crossing the border into Italy.

Find Directions


The area has a charming variety of guest houses, B&Bs and other villas for you to choose from. Although our packed itinerary will mean that you won’t be spending too much time at your accommodation, we are sure that you will love this cosy part of Tuscany just as much as we do.

We have already reserved a great deal of accommodation at special rates for our wedding and we will provide transport to and from these places and our wedding venue. Please do get in touch with our wedding planners to see what is still available.

For all of you Airbnb fans, if you do go ahead and find somewhere separately, please let our planner know where you have booked as we will try our best to help you out with transport to and from our celebrations at Conte di San Bonifacio.

When looking for accommodation, please bear in mind that it while it may only take you 10 mins to drive 15km while you’re racing up the M25 this takes considerably longer on the windy Tuscan roads (we learnt this the hard way on our tour of the area!).

You can reach our planner at:


or by calling:

+44 (0)207 760 2310 and asking for Sophie Hale

Please put your family name in the email subject line to help us run a tight and orderly ship.

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